We believe that all dogs are unique.

At Gray and Hound, we strive to create unbreakable gear just like the unbreakable bonds we have with our dogs. Our products feature exclusive designs that are either created by an in-house artist right here in Portland, Oregon, or a collaborative project with artists around the world. These designs are inspired by the nature around us along with the memories we make with our dogs. 

 We started creating exclusive designs for our gear back in Fall of 2019 to bring our ideas to life and stand out from the crowd. We noticed that there was a lack of uniqueness amongst dog collars on the market and we wanted to change that!

In the process of coming up with new collections, our owner Nyah often dreams up an idea for a new design and our designer works to bring it to life! Since launching our own exclusive designs, we've worked with two in-house graphic designers and just had our first official collaboration with artist Rachel Jung of Ray Co Design.

We're all about being different at Gray and Hound because we understand that every dog is unique! That's why we keep dreaming of new designs and work hard to ensure out gear is the best it can be. Combing the premium materials that we source along with our exclusive designs make for gear that is both safe and stylish which is exactly what every pup needs!


Our Designs in the Wild



1. Can you make me a custom design?

Unfortunately, this is not something we can offer at the moment. We pay our designers fairly per design that they create which would make for a very expensive custom collar. 

2. When do you launch new designs?

We always launch a new collection during every season and sometimes we'll have mini collections inbetween those as well!

3. Where do you get your inspiration?

Growing up in the PNW, I've always been around amazing landscapes from the mountains, to the beach and even the desert. I often gain inspiration from the world around me along with my own passions in life. 

4. Where are your products made?

We pride ourselves in keeping our products USA made. Our gear is made right here in Portland, Oregon and we wouldn't have it any other way!

5. Why are your products so expensive?

We get asked this question a lot, it's probably our most asked. But we're always happy to be transparent about it! We use premium matierals, have our own exclusive designs, and make our gear in the USA. All three of those things combined makes for a piece of gear you'll invest in once, but it'll last your dog a lifetime!