Product Care

Our gear is meant for the dogs who aren't afraid to get down and dirty, which means our gear is incredibly easy to clean! But just like anything you own, the better you care for it, the longer it will last.

Collar Care:

We recommend cleaning your collar after any major adventure or when you notice it getting a little dirty after normal use. Start by using your hands to get the initial grime off while holding it under running water. Next, grab a bristled brush with some soap (Dawn works great) and scrub away! If there are any stains, treat the area with Shout and scrub through it again with soap. Your collar should come so clean that it looks just as good as when you got it! As always, message us with any questions or concerns!

Bandana Care:

Our bandanas are made from 100% cotton fabric and can be thrown in the wash when needed. We recommend washing on cold and laying them flat to dry. Because our bandanas are made from a single layer material they are prone to more wear and tear than our other products.

Leash Care:

Our biothane leashes are a piece of cake to clean. Using your hand to get the grime off under running water will do the trick, this material is amazing and comes clean in just a few seconds. For care of our Wanderlust Leashes, combine the care instructions from our collars & leashes