Premium Dog Gear, Made in the USA

Gray and Hound
Only the best for 
your dog
Since 2013, we've been passionate about making gear for your dog that is not only beautiful but will keep up with their shenanigans as well. That's why we use a combination of recycled canvas, polyester webbing, and strong hardware to create our products.
Made in the USA
Since 2013, our products have proudly been made in Oregon starting with making our collars in my childhood bedroom, we then partnered with a local mother-daughter seamstress team in 2018, a local small batch manufacturer in 2022, and in 2023 we brought production into our very own studio.
Now Handmade 
In-House! - 2023
In May of 2023, we took a huge risk to bring all of our production in-house with state of the art, custom machines, and it's been more than worth it! All of our collars, leashes, and key fobs are now made in our very own studio in Beaverton, Oregon!