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All of our dog collars are made for adventurous pups who don't understand the concept of staying clean. So, we use materials that will clean up like-new after every wash! Read our care instructions

All of our products are handmade to order from start to finish right here in Oregon, USA. We are proud to work with a local manufacturer that pays their employees fair wages to make our products.

All collar styles are adjustable

Plastic Buckle: a black side-release buckles that has ~330 lbs of break strength.

Reccomended for: light to moderate pullers

Limited Slip: a slip-over-the-head dog collar for dog's who pull or slip out of their collars. Reccomended for: light to heavy pullers

Fabric Martingale: martingales are a classic slip-over-the-head style with a loop that is separate from the main collar band and pulls evenly from each side of the collar as the dog pulls.

Reccomended for: light to heavy pullers

COBRA Buckle: a black, military-grade metal buckle that has ~800 lbs of break strength.

Reccomended for: extremely heavy pullers and dogs that chew on their collar buckles.

More info about collar styles can be found in each collar page.

Yes! We offer five sizes that each have their own range of length to ensure the perfect fit for your pup!