Top 5 Outdoor Activities To Enjoy With Your Dog

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We've come up with a list of five of the best outdoor activities to enjoy with your dog with friends or by yourself! 


1. Hiking - this is an obvious one, but it's a great way to tire your dog out for the day both physically and mentally! With all of the smells, practicing your dog's trail manners, and posing for photos, hiking can be a great mental workout for your pup. Make sure you have all the right gear so that your pup can stay safe on the trail like our handmade dog collars that are built to last through a lifetime of adventures!

2. Swimming - aquatic sports are a great outlet for dogs, especially because it's not hard on their joints and keeps them in great shape! Cool off on a hot summer day and go swimming with your dog. Just be sure to grab a lifejacket for them so it's a stress-free outing.

3. Farmers Market or Patio Dining - take your pup along with you to get some good eats while they get some good socialization under their belt with the temptation of food and people! A hands-free leash makes these outings even easier.

4. Camping - plan a weekend away and bring your pup on your outdoor excursion! Camping is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors with your dog by your side. You don't need any fancy gear, car camping is fun too and all you need is an air mattress!

5. Dog sports - pick up a dog sport that you both enjoy! Such as frisbee, dock diving, obedience, protection training, barn hunt, and so much more. Dog sports are a great way to nurture a bond between you and your dog as a lot of team work plays into it.


There you have it! Our top five favorite outdoor activities to enjoy with your dog! If you have any other suggestions, we'd love to hear them below!

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