A Must-Have Collar For Every Adventure Dog

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We've been perfecting our products for over nine years, and I'm finally so happy with what we have to offer! Our collars and leashes are the ultimate gear to outfit your adventure pup in! 

Is your dog's collar always dirty? Can't find cute collars that fit your lifestyle? Worried about strength and durability of your dog's gear? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Our collars and leashes suited for the adventure-dog lifestyle! Below is a list of benefits for our collars!


Colorful Wild Dog Collars for Adventure Dogs

Easy to Clean - we use a water-resistant canvas fabric that washes up like new after every adventure! Even our white and lighter designs will come out clean! View product care here

Durable - our collars are made with the highest quality materials and hardware to keep your pup safe. We offer a variety of different dog collar styles that suit the needs of different dogs! View dog collar styles here

Vibrant - we're proud to offer our own exclusive designs on our collars. Because of this, we're able to create vibrant and eye catching designs that aren't seen elsewhere. We like to keep it unique at Gray and Hound! View our collar selection here

Handmade - our collars are handmade right here in Oregon either by our mother-daughter seamstress team or by our local manufacturer! Keeping it local means a lot to us!


It means a lot to us to be able to create durable dog gear made locally in Oregon. We can't wait for you to try our products! 


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