11" Limited Black Leash Tab


11" Limited Black Leash Tab


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**Best for Medium to Large sized dogs**

Our Leash Tabs are made with 3/4" wide Biothane of your choice and finished with screw rivets, a special black and white label, and durable hardware. These are perfect for off-leash dogs as they won't drag them around like a regular leash!


Hardware Descriptions:

-Black Auto-Locking Aluminum Carabiner: comes with all black hardware

The body of the leash is made with Biothane which is a PVC coated webbing that is incredibly durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. The Biothane is finished with screw rivets to ensure the Biothane stays secure and in place.

Cleaning & Care:
The Biothane body of the leash only needs to be rinsed off with water and soap if it's really grimy.