Frequently Asked Questions

These are our most frequently asked questions, if you still need help then please contact us at


If you place multiple separate orders we are no longer able to combine and ship it as one. If you place separate orders, they will be shipped as separate orders.

We use USPS to ship all of our packages worldwide. At checkout, you can select the delivery service of your choice (i.e, First Class Mail, Priority Mail, etc.).

All products have different processing times. Made to order items such as most collars, leashes, key fobs and camera straps can take 5-7 weeks to make due to them being handmade in Oregon. Products such as apparel, stickers, blankets, fanny packs, etc. ship within 1-3 days of your order being placed as long as they're in stock.

If you ever need your order sooner than our current processing time, please fill out the form on the "contact us" page or click our chat button so that I can work to get your order to you on time! 

We are not currently able to rush orders due to the current demand of our products. All orders will process/ship within the timeframe stated at the top of the website or in the FAQ's section. Please keep in mind that on average our processing time is 5-7 weeks.

If your tracking number states that your package is in "pre-transit", that does not mean your package is lost by any means. Usually it takes me a few days to get all of the packages from one batch to the post office. Sometimes I also need to make additional items for your order such as biothane leashes or key fobs which also take longer and are not readily available to toss in your package.

Product Info

We offer five standard sizes across four different styles;

XS: 10"-12" (25cm-30cm)

Small: 12"-14 (30cm-36cm)

Medium: 14"-18" (36cm-46cm)

Large: 16”-22” (40cm-56cm)

XL 18"-29" (46cm-74cm)

We use a recycled outdoor canvas sewn onto polyester webbing for all of our collars, leash handles, camera straps, and key fobs. The canvas we use is water-resistant and cleans easily! Polyester webbing is rot/mildew resistant, when the two TULIP materials are paired together they make for some great adventure gear! Our leashes are made from a material called Biothane. Which is a coated webbing material that is fully waterproof. 

We do not offer custom orders. This includes modifications to existing products, custom collar designs, or products that we do not offer.

Collar Styles:

We offer a variety of sizes, widths and styles for our customers to choose from when ordering our collars. When it comes to size be sure to choose one that you'll be able to adjust up or down depending on your dogs neck size. For choosing a width, it's mainly up to your personal preference. However I typically recommend 3/4" for extra small dogs, 3/4" and 1" for small dogs, 1" and 1.5" for medium dogs, and 1.5" for large and extra large dogs. 

Now to break down the styles:

Plastic Buckle: our most popular and lightweight option. These buckles have a break strength of ~330 lbs. I recommend this style for dogs who don't pull on a leash or are mild pullers. Plastic buckles are not recommended for strong pullers. 

Fabric Martingale or Limited Slip: another popular option that's best for dogs who need some training on walks, however these styles have a stopping point to prevent from choking your dog. These styles are typically used for training and are great for dogs who pull.. The difference between the two is how the loops are made/attached to the body of the collar, their function is the same.

COBRA Buckle: a less popular option because of the hefty upgrade fee, however it's 100% worth it and makes any collar look badass. This military grade metal buckle is made from 7075 aluminum alloy metal (nothing is ever "indestructible", but they're also used in the military which speaks volume). *Only available in 1.5" widths, 1" wide cobra buckles available upon request*

Hardware choices:

Black Hardware: a great option for upgrading the looks of your collar, however any coated hardware will wear-down over time. So, water-use (especially salt water) is not recommended. If the hardware does get wet, it's recommended to rinse with water and pat it dry.

Stainless Steel Hardware: the best option for your adventure loving, get down and dirty, water-loving dog! Our stainless steel option is the best choice if your pup is hard on their gear. It is still recommended to rinse with water and pat the hardware dry for the longevity of the collar. 

During summer 2022, we changed our label tags to a silicone rubber!

We'd love for our products to be featured in your store! If you're interested in a wholesale order with us, please email me at to see if we would be a good fit!


We look at returns/exchanges on a case by case basis. If something is wrong with your order or you aren't satisfied with the product please always contact us. Keep in mind that depending on the circumstances you may be DAFFODIL asked to pay for shipping the product back to us along with additional fees. In order for a product to be eligible for a return or exchange, the product must be in BRAND NEW condition.

Yes! However the collar must be in BRAND NEW condition in order to be eligible for this. You will need to pay for shipping the collar back to us. We want you to be able to use your collar and would be happy to remake the correct size for your pup.

We cannot offer cancellations or changes for an order within 72 hours of the order being placed. This is because we work quickly to get your order into a batch for our seamstresses and get them perpared for production. This helps us be more efficient and produce less waste with our products.